In the Private Media Channel, the primary Site Admin has the rights to prevent any user from changing their email address in their user account. 

The Use Case:

A University signs up for a Private Media Channel. The students are added as users to the channel to view lessons. However, one of the students decide to change their given email id in the account and go ahead in doing it. This poses a security threat to the University's channel as the primary Site Admin will not be notified of such a change. 

Where in the channel can a user change his/her contact details?

The edit profile page appears when you scroll over the user image in the right hand corner of the page in your Private Media Channel.

Click on the icon and the Edit Profile page opens, here you click on Contact Info to change email id, etc. 

Thus as an added security measure we have added a control in User Personal Information in the General Settings page of the primary Site Admin. 

When you switch on the control in the setting, you disallow the user from changing his/her email id from the user account. If any change in user details needs to be done, the primary Site Admin alone will be able to do it.