What is a live conference in the Private Media Channel?

Live Conferences are events that can be created within the Channel, which can be used for a meeting, demo, training session, or just about anything to collaborate with your users.

Here's how you set it up:

The Live Conference feature allows users with "Upload Content" permission to start an audio/video conference and add any member of the community or allow members with "View Content" permission to join in.  Participants can watch and listen or interact in live via audio/video with the organizer and other live participants. The meeting organizer has full control to accept/reject requests and manage the total number of active participants. 

What are the technological requirements?

  • A modern HTML5 browser such as Google Chrome version 35 and above,  Firefox version 30 and above, or Internet Explorer version 11 and above. Please note that for use with Internet Explorer, a plugin will be installed and only a limited set of conference features will be supported during that time.
  • This feature is currently available only to paying customers who have opted for the "Basic" plan and above.
  • Any user with "Upload Content" permission will be able to start a live conference.

Follow these steps to setup the Live Conference:

  • After you log into your channel select the Create Live Conference menu option from either the top right hand corner Upload menu or by going to the left side Content menu > Upload Content and then clicking on the Create Live Conference button.

    • Fill in the following fields:  Title, Summary, Call Start and End Time, Enable Chat checkbox (if the chat feature is desired), and select the desired community. The User Count Display and Tags fields are optional.

    • Click the SAVE button to save the live conference setup. A prompt will appear requesting you to invite users to the conference, here you will find the email addresses of all the users within the community chosen for the live conference. If you wish to add or remove users you can do so here and then click on Send. Please note that the live conference will be auto approved.

    You're all done setting up the live conference. Now let's look at the steps to start a live conference.

    Follow these steps to start a live conference:

    • By using the search field, or by clicking on My Subscriptions under the Home menu, select the community and click on the newly created live conference.

    • You will enter a page that displays the live conference panel with two prominent buttons in green: Video Call and Voice Call.  


    • Select one of the buttons, the browser will then open a window requesting you to grant camera and microphone access, click OK to grant access.
    • You will then see your video, or hear only audio if its a voice call. Other participants who enter the live conference via the email link will also be able to see your video and/or audio.
    • The list of active participants can be seen on the left hand panel. To have a live interactive audio/video session with a participant you may click the Add New User button to add the person to the call.  Likewise the participant may also click the Ask Question button. The organizer will then have to accept the participants request by clicking the Yes or No button below the name. If Yes is clicked the participants video panel will appear and the organizer may begin the live interaction. If No is clicked then the participant receives the following message "Your request has been denied by the conference organizer".
    • The panel to the right provides five tabbed menu items. The first tab displaying the list of all the participants, followed by a comment window, an author profile tab, a tab containing the conference description, and the last tab having any attachments.
    • The organizer can end the call at any time by clicking on the End Call button.

    Yeah, it's that simple to host a live conference in your Private Media Channel. Have fun!