Have many users and no time to add them into your channel immediately? Fret not! We now support multiple user import. 

When you click on Communities > Manage Users, you will see an import users button on the top right hand corner of the page.


When you click on Import Users, it will take you to the following page:

Here you download the sample excel file, and create one just like the sample file by filling in ALL the given fields.

Important: All fields (Excel columns) shown in the sample Excel file MUST be present in the Excel file uploaded by you. The Excel column headers in the first row (FirstName, LastName, etc...) must not be renamed or deleted. No Excel column (A through L) must be deleted. For instance: the absence of an email id, would throw an error 'Invalid Email'.

Do you see role and community in the Excel sheet? What does it do?

Role: Here you set the Global Role that needs to be assigned for your user. If you give a Global Role that is not defined in your channel or if you don't give a Global Role at all, then the Role specified in Unknown User Role in General Settings will be set for that particular user by default. Likewise if the role field is blank for a new or existing user, it will assume the Unknown User Role in General Settings, as mentioned above. 

Community: Here you enter the community in which you wish to add the particular user. If you wish to enter multiple communities for a single user, you can do so by entering multiple communities and separating each community with a comma.

In the Offer Code column, you enter a offer code, if any, else leave it blank, but do not delete the column.

Now for the community level role of the user. Here the default role set in Other Settings in General Settings will be assigned as the community level role for the user. But as you know you can set actions for Community Roles in the Global Role. So if you have set an action for that particular community with a role, then that role will be automatically assigned at the community level for the user (disregarding the role set in the Other Settings).

When data is loaded for an existing user, only the input in the community column is updated. If you miss out on providing a password for a user, the default password that will be set is "Changeme1". You can then reset this within the channel for that particular user(s).

You then import your excel file into the channel by clicking on the green import button below the third step.

Voila, all your users are added onto your channel in just a click! When the users are added through bulk import, an email will be sent to them, welcoming them into the channel. However, an email won't be sent when an existing user has been added into the channel through bulk import.