Uploading a video onto the Private Media Channel is no biggy. Follow my instructions here and you are good to go. 

When you click on Content > Upload Content, the first button selected is the Upload Video button. As you scroll below, you will see a Drag and Drop Box. Here you can and drag and drop your videos or you can click on it and upload the video by browsing from your windows explorer. At a time you can upload a maximum of 10 videos. 

Once you have uploaded your videos, the following message will be displayed. 

Now you go on to fill the details of your video. You start with the title and then go on to fill in the description. Now in the above image you might see something called 'Syllabus' (Spot the Difference). Ring a bell? Remember where you renamed those labels? 

Let me refresh your memory ~ How to rename generic terminology of content details? Follow this link and you will remember. 

Remember: Do not be in a hurry to type short insignificant details just because you want to finish the process. Give in the full details of your video, which in turn will be helpful for your peers in the channel. 

Now that you are done with filling in the details of your video. You can go ahead and set the community in which you want your video to be a part of. All you have to do is click on the drop down and select the community. 

Moving on, in the Tags tab you can enter keywords related to your video. Check the keep original quality tick box and your video will be uploaded. Once you have completed filling the basic information, you now either save it or save & go to advanced, where you can add detailed settings.

When you move on to the advanced tab, here are the various features that you will come across:

Have a subtitle file for your video? Set it here.

You can set the number of times a user can view that particular video.

A shortcut to set access roles is given here. You can determine the community-level roles that are allowed to view the particular video only.

If you have any supporting material to provide for your video, you can upload it here. Remember the term 'handouts' can be customized. Read how here.

You can set an interesting thumbnail for your video.

Choose whether your users can comment under that particular video by switching on this button.

If you switch on the login on embed feature, then if the video has been embedded anywhere, the user will have to login to view it. The user will not be able to view the video directly, thus adding a level of security to your video.

With 'Content Order' you can set the order in which the particular video should appear in the list of videos within the set community. You set Content Order by entering the number (in terms of the order). For example, if you want your video to be 5th in the list, then you enter 5. 

That's all folks, your video is now ready to be published in your channel.