Worried about a single user logging in from different locations (which is from a different IP address)? Disallow the same user from logging in from another location by switching on the button. If done so, the user will be prompted to logout of the current session to login from the other location.


If you are okay with your user logging in from a different location, then you can set the limit of number of IP addresses that the user can log into the channel within a set time frame (in hours), once this timeframe elapses the user will be logged out immediately.


Look below for more controls. When you switch on the button, here’s what you see:


Once you switch on the button, you will see these controls below. You can set the number of unique IP addresses allowed per user. You can also set the time limit within which the user can log into the channel from that many IP addresses.


When the user exceeds the number of IP addresses or the timeframe within which they can login to a number of IP’s, the PRIVATE MEDIA CHANNEL hits out a default message. To change the default message, you can add a custom message in the text box provided.


Phew! Now let's add one more layer of security and watermark your videos.