So you know we generate an embed code for you to use it in your website right? Here are a few settings to take it smoothly. 

With the Domain Restriction on, you can enter only the domains in which the embed code can be used. Yohoo! The PRIVATE MEDIA CHANNEL is all about security, no escaping it, but you got to switch it on!


Have you embedded a video on your website? Then your video can be viewed publicly, without any credentials. Still want it to be safe? Then switch on the ‘Enable Login for Embed’, with this on any user watching the video on your website will have to login to view it.

We have a lot more controls to secure your embedded video. 

'Enable Login for Embed' allows you to secure videos when embedded onto your website. With this setting on, users/guest users can view the embedded videos only after logging in. 

When videos are embedded onto your website, the content id can be tampered and content security can be at stake. But with the encrypted content ID setting on, when a user views an embedded video, the content id that appears is not the actual one but an encrypted content id.

Enabling Signed URL secures your video from being used anywhere else on the web. Read more about it here.

Now move on to learn how to set the permissions for your content detail page. Read here