Subscription Approval – Easy-to-understand this one! You can either change the subscription approval to auto approval or make it a manual approval ­– wherein the Site Admin or Manager approves the request every time a user subscribes.


Subscriber Role – Here you preset the role played by the new subscriber in the community. Just click on the drop down and you are good to go. For example from the screenshot above, you can assign the role of Instructor, Course Student, or Course Admin to the new subscriber.

Manager Role – Ditto! When a user creates a community, by default the preset manager role will be assigned to them. A manager role grants elevated community permission such as inviting other users and switching user roles within the community.


If the ‘Allow managers to see all users’ button is on, the managers have access to view all users, else they are restricted. What is the restriction? When the button is off, the managers will only be able to see those users within their respective community, not all users of the channel.


Want to maintain privacy on the comments in your content? Switch on the ‘Comment Privacy’ button. With the ‘Comment Privacy’ button, this is what happens: 

All the comments in all your content are automatically changed to private comments. However, if the comment privacy button is turned off, you can set the privacy for an individual video by venturing into Content> Manage Content> Click on any content> Comment> Switch on Privacy button.

Want to know how to enter the terms and conditions for your private media channel? Learn here.