Bet you’ve seen this message on every new product or web account you create, ‘Login with your Facebook or Google+ account’ or ‘Login your Gmail account’. Well, the PRIVATE MEDIA CHANNEL too allows your users to integrate and login with their social media account. Just tick on the Facebook and/or Gmail box and you’re good to go.

How does user self-registration work? *Follow the stars from the above image and correlate the text below*

Allow user self-registration  What does this button do? You are aware that the PRIVATE MEDIA CHANNEL is a secure product. So users can join your channel on an ‘Invite-only’ basis. But with this button on, users can join your channel by just signing up without having to wait for an invite.

See a text field ‘Unknown User Role’? What this does is define the role of self-registered users in your channel. Click on the drop down and you will get a set of roles.  However, be cautious when you set the role, as the unknown or new user will receive access permissions to your content accordingly.

Next look at ‘Enable login on Register’. With it ON, the new user will be directly logged into the channel once he/she registers. But if you keep it off, then once the new user registers, he/she will be asked to wait for a confirmation email from the Site Admin.

Auto Enable Invited User allows an invited user, who has just registered, to login to the channel. He/she does not have to wait for a confirmation email from the Site Admin to login to the channel with this button enabled.

Alright! Lets move on and learn about setting the subscription approval, subscriber role, and related permissions. Read here