The first step in the general settings is the "Security Model." The Private Media Channel provides the Single Sign-On (SSO) function here. User has to be in both systems but it is authenticated at the source system not in in the channel. Once the users are created in the source system, then following steps have to be defined.

Inside the channel,  My Site > General Settings > Security Model

1. Choose "My Site Defines Users"

2. Create a security key by clicking the Generate button
3. Add a custom key of your choice
4. Add a valid login URL without starting 'http://' and ending '/' (You can login only from this Parent site URL)
5. Add a valid Logout URL (this Parent site URL)


A Custom URL will be like this:

http://{channelurl}/SSOAuthenticate?cAuth={value from step3}&uEmail={Email Id of user}&BrandUrl={channel url}&AuthKey={Value From Step 2}

When substituted with values, the URL will look like this:


This is what happens:


A proper link will allow the user to login to the channel if his/her email is already added in the channel. If not he/she will be redirected to the login page.


Read on to know more about setting various login permissions for your user.