• Chose your logo and favorite icon? Next let’s move on to coloring the channel, accordingly.


  • Life is all about options. The more you have, the more you widen your horizons. We offer two types—a 6 preset theme palette and a color map.
  • Here’s how it works, if you select a color from the theme palette, it is a package. The header, background, tab and footer colors are changed according to the preset.
  • If you choose to use the color map, then your imagination is your canvas. Just forge ahead and paint your channel, springing it to life.

P.S.: The best part about this color map, when you paint your canvas you can preview the changes. Don’t like your color selection? Reset the colors and start all over again.

Did you know? When you set the page color, the color of the video player is also set accordingly. So your page color reflects on your video player as well.

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