Building a relationship and staying connected with your customers is the best way to keep your fan base growing. So keep them busy with what’s happening/changing in the channel that they have subscribed to.


Your Private Media Channel has a wide range of preset email templates for various functionalities. They are categorized into Channel, Community, Content, and Guest.


You get there by clicking on My Site > Email Notifications

This is what the email notification tab looks like on your channel.


Now what does each of the categories do?


Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start. When you read you begin with A B C, When you sing you begin with do-re-mi (quoting Rodgers and Hammerstein), when you connect with your users you begin with your channel community content … Look at the example below.


Channel ­ All the major functions such as a new membership, disabling login, inviting new users, upgrading subscription, and resetting password are included in the email templates here. These are just default templates, you can change it to suit your needs and add as many placeholders within.


Community – Here you can use the email templates to notify about a new community, users subscribing to a community, inviting a user to a community, rejecting a user’s community subscription. You can also notify your users when a new community is created.


Content – Content email templates are the real deal. Users and the Site Admins will be notified every time new content or new attachment is uploaded, content is deleted, new comments are made, deleted, or approved. Even a live conference invite notification can be sent from here.


Guest – Here anything to do with a one-time user or guest user is included. Notifications of an unknown user joining a community or unknown user activation will be sent from here. Live conference invites for guest users will also be sent from here.


What are placeholders?

Placeholders are functionalities that can be replaced. Say you want to address a group of users then you add a placeholder (User Name). When the email is generated, all the user names will be substituted and sent accordingly in the email. Likewise you can address only Site Administrators or just a particular Channel.


Your job just got a lot easier, every time you upload content all your users will be notified. So when they open your inbox, your presence will be felt!

Next, we move on to market your content!