Important:  Please keep the stream name provided via email or onscreen instructions handy to complete the steps below. You will need this for step #1(c) below.

Required Hardware

Built-in web cam, or an externally connected web cam or camera via a USB cable.  

If you plan on using a handycam or a professional video camera, please refer to this link for the hardware setup instructions. You may then resume setup from the section "Required Software" below.

Required Software

Download and install the FREE Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder (FMLE).  This is a one time setup.  Click this link PC version | Mac version to download and install.  After successful installation follow the steps below.  


1. Launch the Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder app.  When the app opens ensure the boxes in GREEN are checked.

a. Video Settings  Red Box 

i. Device drop down field:  Select the desired camera.

ii. Format drop down field:  Select “H.264”.

iii. Frame Rate drop down field:  Select “30.00”.

iv. Input Size drop down field:  Select “640 X 480” or a higher input size as needed.

v. Bit Rate drop down field:  Select “1000” or a different bitrate as needed.

b. Audio Settings  White Box  – Change the Device drop down to the desired microphone, and retain the other settings.
cFlash Media Server Settings  Blue Box 

i. FMS URL:  Enter rtmp://

ii. StreamRefer to the onscreen instructions or the email you received with the live stream instructions to get your live stream name and enter into the “Stream” field (Do not enter "livestream1600").

 Click the GREEN Start button to begin live streaming

3. To watch the live stream go to the onscreen setup instructions or the email you received and you will see a link, which you can click to open and view it.

Watch a video on how to set up your live stream!