Yes, if you are streaming from your smart devices, you will need a Wowza GoCoder app which is available on:



When you are capturing the event through your camera which is connected to your computer, you can upload the stream by downloading a FREE Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder on your machine. The setup process is a one time process and can be streamed any number of times with no additional setup.  No additional software is needed, if you are streaming using IP Cameras. 


Follow these steps and you are all set:

Important:  Please keep the stream name provided via email or onscreen instructions handy to complete the steps below. You will need this for step #3 below.

Required Hardware

Any iOS or Android smart phone or tablet with a built in camera. 

Required Software

Download the “Wowza GoCoder” app from the App Store (Apple) or Google Play (Android).  Upon successful download and installation follow the steps below.


1. Launch the app and click on the button “Enter server info” at the top right corner.

2. Click on “Host” and enter “” in the Server field. The “Port” number should be “1935”. Click the Back button (On an Android device click the "Server" button).

3. Click on “Application” and enter “live” in the Application field.  Refer to the onscreen instructions or the email you received with the live stream instructions to get your live stream name and enter into the “Stream Name” field (Do not enter "livestream3644").  Click Done.

4. Click on the “Start encoding” button to begin live streaming.

5. To watch the live stream go to the onscreen setup instructions or the email you received and you will see a link, which you can click to open and view it.


If you encounter any issues with the Wowza GoCoder you can try reducing the screen size or video quality and bit rate as shown below:
  • Click on "Video Options" (second button on the top right corner - See screenshot under #6) . Click on "Video Size". Set it to "640 X 360". Click Done.
  • Click on the number (eg. 5000kbps) representing the bitrate at the bottom left corner. Select an alternate bitrate as needed.