Who are we? 

Software As A Service (SAAS) provider.

What we provide?

A private secure channel called "Private Media Channel". 

To whom do we provide?

Individuals and businesses.

Why are we special?

Our website allows you to 

  • Own a channel privately, therefore it secures you from unauthorized viewers and advertisements, the channel becomes a natural extension to your website
  • Host videos
  • Obtain embed codes to add on your website
  • Link the channel to your website
  • Stream live events

What do you benefit from us?
You create a channel on our portal. You host videos securely. We provide you the best pricing in the market and you can create a community of users. In this community you can determine the roles each user plays in your channel. You decide what they can watch and how many times they can watch.
What is the value for your money?
  • We secure your content - No downloads through any plug-in
  • Stream your event only to authorized users
  • Engage their feedback about the service to your community
Read more on the Private Media Channel here.